Born Without Bones - Say Hello - Vinyl

  • Born Without Bones - Say Hello - Vinyl
  • Born Without Bones - Say Hello - Vinyl

Born Without Bones - Say Hello - Vinyl

Say Hello was recorded in July 2010 at Pin Up Recording in Lancaster, PA with Kory Gable and in December 2009 at Echo Room Productions in Uxbridge, MA with Ian Van Opijnen. Additional tracking was done in August 2010 at New Alliance Audio in Cambridge, MA with Ethan Dussault.

Released November 16, 2010.


Patrick Murphy-Drums on Out Of Step and Consider This.
Blaine Herman-Drums on Arachnophobia.
Emilio Santiago-Saxophone on Say Hello.
Devon Edwards-Trumpet on GKN and Say Hello.
William Shaner-Cello on GKN and Arachnophobia.
Miranda Gonzalez-Violin on GKN and Arachnophobia
Dan Sutherland-Saxophone on Sound Of A Crowded Room.
Christine Atturio-Vocals on Em
Brendan Cahill-Piano on The Camera Turns
Jana Coverstone-"Say Hello"

Scott Ayotte-Everything else.

Engineer-Kory Gable at Pin Up Recording.
Engineer-Ian Van Opijnen at Echo Room Productions.
Engineer-Ethan Dussault at New Alliance Audio.
Assistant Engineer-Alex Bozievich
Assistant Engineer-Jon Smith
Mastering-Michael Fossenkemper at Turtle Tone Studio in New York City, New York.

Artwork-Josh Smith

All songs recorded at Pin Up Recording except "Out Of Step" and "Consider This." which were recorded at Echo Room Productions. All additional instrumentation was done at New Alliance Audio.